Internasjonalt seminar:
- the forgotten colony in Africa?

Seminaret holdes på engelsk.

Western Sahara is classified by the United Nations as the last territory under decolonisation in Africa. While half the people of Western Sahara have been displaced following Morocco's illegal occupation of the territory in the 1970s, many live under the part that remains occupied.

Grave human rights violations are committed against those advocating for self-determination and international observers are prevented from monitoring the human rights situation in the territory. 

  • Why is Western Sahara considered to be the last colony in Africa and how is this affecting people's lives? 
  • Why is the peace process blocked? 
  • What are the prerequisites for self-determination and what role do international and Norwegian corporations play?


Erik Hagen,
Director of the Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara has followed the conflict for the last two decades and will give a lecture at this week's international seminar.

Emily Reast,
SAIH Tromsø


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