Internasjonal seminar:
Can failing to support Ukraine put Norway at risk?

Seminaret holdes på engelsk.

The war in Ukraine is said to be a warning signal for global security. Lessons from the  past have shown how indifference or minimal support in times of crisis can have far-reaching consequences. Some countries in Europe have started to question the military support to Ukraine, arguing in favour of a diplomatic solution. In this week`s international seminar we ask what consequences a lukewarm support to Ukraine could entail for Norwegian and global security. 

  • How did Russian narratives about Ukraine manifest into reality, and what are the current narratives promoted about NATO countries and beyond?
  • Why is the conflict in Ukraine not just a regional issue but a global concern, posing threats to European stability and international security?
  • How have past conflicts shaped the current geopolitical landscape, and can historical lessons help us understand the implications of the Ukraine crisis for Norway and its allies?


Sergii Glebov,
Associate professor at ONU, Odesa National University and UiT, The Arctic University of Norway

Georgiy Chentemirov,
Journalist in The Independent Barents Observer 

Kari Aga Myklebost,
Barents Chair in Russian Studies, Professor of History

Tor Arne Morskogen,
Defence Expert
Marc Lanteigne,
Professor, Political Science at UiT, The Arctic University of Tromsø


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