Information in english – covid-19

In short

  • Information about where to get a fit to fly certificate and how and where to get your vaccine
  • You are welcome to pick up free self-testing kits at the City Hall within the opening hours. Each person is allowed to take a maximum amount of five self-tests.
  • Feel free to call the Tromsø Municipality's Service Center: +47 77 79 00 00

The statutory requirement to obtain a negative test prior to travel and the requirement to register entry into Norway upon arrival have both been discontinued.


Information and advice about the coronavirus situation from Norwegian authorities.

The booking forms are unfortunately not in English yet. If you need help booking your appointment you can reach Servicetorget at 77 79 00 00.

Servicetorget's opening hours are from 12:00 – 15:00, and you can book an appointment by visiting Servicetorget between 08:00 and 15:45. Servicetorget is located inside the City Hall, ground floor.

Between October 23rd and November 8th you may book an appointment for the covid vaccine.

The vaccination is for prioritized groups. Prioritized groups include people older than 65, people with chronic illnesses, pregnant people past week 12, and other people with health risks. 

You need to book an appointment for the covid vaccine. The covid vaccine is free.

The location is Strandvegen 166, at Sydspissen.

The bus route 33 from the city center, or route 34 from Giæverbukta, both stop at Sydspissen. The vaccination center is a short walking distance from the bus stop. 

Two private companies in Tromsø offer covid tests with «fit to fly» certificate for entering countries where this is required. The companies are listed below.

Avonova Health Tromsø

Avonova Health is located in Grønnegata 39.

You can book your appointment online. 

For questions, please e-mail

Volvat Tromsø

Volvat is located in Skippergata 7A

You can book your appointment online: Volvat Tromsø

More information is to be found at Volvats site.

Coronavirus vaccination is free. All vaccination in Norway is voluntary. The Tromsø Municipality is responsible for offering and providing the corona vaccine for people living in Tromsø.

To enroll in the vaccination program please visit   

NOTE: Use your Bank-ID to register. If you do not have a Bank-ID, please follow this link to authorize one: Bank-ID activation

If you're having trouble using or activating your Bank-ID, we recommend that you call the Tromsø Municipality's Service Center: +47 77 79 00 00

After registering, you can choose your preferred language to proceed with. Do so by using the Globe icon on the right at the top corner on the first website page. 

Covid-19 vaccine centre at the Jekta shopping mall

The Municipality of Tromsø offers vaccine against covid-19 to citizens above the age of 12.

You are welcome to our drop-in service, or order an appointment at our vaccine center at the Jekta shopping mall. The vaccine center is located next to Interoptik at the ground floor of the mall.

The vaccine center is open until August 31th 2022.

Opening hours:
  • Tuesday 13:00 - 17:00 (adult vaccination)
  • Wednesday 13:00 - 17:00 (adult vaccination)
  • Thursday 13:00 - 17:00 (adult and child vaccination)

More info about parking and location can be found at Jekta's website.

NOTE: Remember to bring your ID card or passport. If you are under the Home Nursing Care service, please ask your caretakers if you can get your corona vaccination done at your place of residence.

General information about the corona vaccine 

Information about the official corona vaccine programme in Norway can be found here: Corona vaccine 1-2-3 Quick guides translated 

You can also find a variety of information about the vaccine and corona by visiting and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Note: We strongly advise our communities and its citizens to act according to the rules and recommendations given by the government health authorities of Norway. 

Registration can be carried out before you travel to Norway. Send a request and download your documentation on idporten.

What type of documentation will I need to provide? 

  • Personal identification 
  • COVID-19 certificate issued in the EU/EEA, or 
  • Written documentation of vaccination 

The health-service will assess whether the documentation is sufficient. The documentation must contain all the variables that are mandatory in the Norwegian Immunisation Registry: Identification number, date of vaccination and name of the vaccine. Batch number, vaccinator and signature or stamp. 

The following vaccines is acceptet by EMA, the European medicines agency:  Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca, Johnson & Johnson,  Covishield and Novavax. 

Note: Health professionals are not obliged to retrospectively register COVID-19 vaccines administered outside Norway. 

Updating of COVID-19 certificates 

The information will be shown in your COVID-19 certificate after a certain period of time. This can range from just a few seconds after registration to 24 hours, depending on the type of medical record system used by the health-system.