About Tromsø (English)

In short

  • Tromsø is located 350 kilometers north of arctic circle, at 69 degrees North. 
  • Tromsø has over 77 992 inhabitants (4th quarter 2022).

We are a multicultural society with growing immigrant and international population, and people from 138 different countries live here as of March 2023. This adds rich variation to the atmosphere of the city.


Tromsø is located in the Arctic when we use the definition of the northernmost land and sea areas. That is, the area between the North Pole and the Arctic Circle in the entire circumpolar area. 

The neighboring municipalities of Tromsø are Balsfjord in the south, Storfjord in the east and Karlsøy to the northeast. 

Located between the fjords and the mountains, the city is therefore surrounded by beautiful nature. 

Tromsø stands out as a fishing municipality, with both fishing and aquaculture. Advanced expertise and technology are found within fields such as information and communication technologies (ICT), arctic science and life sciences. In recent years, the tourism industry has become more and more important.

Tromsø has a so-called subarctic climate. This means long winters and short summers. The Gulf Stream passes Tromsø, which means we never have really cold winters. It varies how hot it gets in the summer, but the average temperature for the whole year is 3,3 degrees Celsius. About 1050 millimeters of precipitation falls annually.

Tromsø has a varied cultural scene. Its cultural offerings can be found in different festivals, music, art, a lively night life, in addition to famous attractions like the Arctic Cathedral, the Cable Car and the Polar Museum.  

The mountains around Tromsø are varied and many. Whether you want to see the area in more detail, whether you have only time for a short trip, there are plenty of mountains and forests to visit.