What makes us feel rich?

(Eng.) A talk and discussion about lost connections, emotional fast food and visions of wealth.

Siste oppdatering 27. mai 2021, kl. 10:46

Publisert 27. mai 2021

The price we pay for the lifestyle we lead may be invisible – it can not be measured in any currency, yet most of us feel, something is missing. Striving for material wealth, we rob ourselves of time, connection to nature, to fellow humans and to other species. So instead of trying to accumulate things, we should maybe stop and ask ourselves: Do we have enough of what really matters? Enough time, enough friends, enough joy, enough authenticity? Or are we running in a rat-race hoping to satisfy our needs without really realizing how to? But why is it so difficult to keep what really matters in focus? Have we maybe created a society that demands the denial of human needs?

Ina Zentner introduces us to some ideas and together we want to have a look at these questions. We will discuss the different aspects of wealth, find out which connections we might have lost living life as we do and most importantly of all: Focus on how to reconnent – to each other, to nature, to our most basic human needs.

The event is free, open for everyone and will be in English. We comply with national corona regulations, and there will be up to 25 available seats - first come, first serve. 


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